The Transcendent Truth

The Transcendent Truth behind all religion is that of unity — The Unity of all humankind with its Creator. And through the blood of Christ, we’ve the key to this Unity.

The Spirit of Humanity

Many has tried to achieve global unity and failed. Maybe they’ve been looking at the wrong places. It’s time we rediscover our roots and return to what had been hidden within us since the days of Babel — the Spirit of Unity; the Spirit of Humanity.

Are you sowing distrust within the body of Christ?

When two global superpowers collide, be sure that religious persecutions will accompany it. The only difference between the religious persecution … More

When the Father-Child Relationship become Real Relationships, Revival will come upon the Family, the Church, and the Nations.

The post below is a translation from a post titled, “当父亲和儿子成为真父亲和真儿子, 复兴就会临到家庭、教会与国家” written by Lin Zi Qian (林子骞) about a … More