The Dualistic Law that Governs The Universe.

Two laws govern the universe. They are the yin and yang of love. You either love God and others as yourself, or you love only yourself. The choice determines where you will end up in eternity. The choice is yours.

Why did we lose our powers?

We lose out on a lot of treasures because we only trusted God half-heartedly. It’s time we take God’s Word seriously and believe that all these things can happen to us as well. It’s time we return to He who first loved us.

Singapore, the City of the Future

Whether intentional or not, Singapore plays a pretty important role in the fulfilment of end-time prophecies. Though a small nation, we are influencing global political powers towards the vision of Isaiah and Micah. Knowing this meant we should not take all that we’ve for granted. Rather, we need to continually pray for wisdom for our leaders as we weather, as a people, deeper into the future that God has in stored for us.