“Whose wife will she be?” — The Reality of Soulmates and Eternal Union with reference to the TV Series, “The Good Place”.

Are soulmates real? I think they are! And I think Michael Schur did a fantastic job in portraying this in “The Good Place”.

Have we gotten the entire notion of marriage, wrong?

Marriages aren’t the doings of men. Marriages are the doings of God. And to have an appropriate understanding of marriage, we need to peel back our concept of time and understand marriage from eternity.

When the Father-Child Relationship become Real Relationships, Revival will come upon the Family, the Church, and the Nations.

The post below is a translation from a post titled, “当父亲和儿子成为真父亲和真儿子, 复兴就会临到家庭、教会与国家” written by Lin Zi Qian (林子骞) about a … More