The Christian Equivalent of Chinese Gods 基督教与华人民间神明的对比

There are many similarities between Chinese religions and Christianity. In fact, Christianity is the cumulation of all Chinese religions. Learn some of the similarities this New Year and spread the Great Love of the God who created the heaven and the earth to those who’ve yet put their faith in Him.

The Protestant Ethic and Its Impact on Modern Christian Ministries

Have we been focusing our ministries on works rather than faith? Have we forgotten what it meant to walk by faith and not by sight? This new year, let us re-evaluate our faith and realign our lives with the Giver of Life.

Rethinking the Theology of Creation — Is the Cycle of Creation and Destruction Biblical?

The Bible has given us hints that the world we live in isn’t the first and only creation. The world we live in might be one of the many creations that arises from past destructions.