Are we boxing God up?

For thousands of years, we have been incorporating our limited understanding on God’s boundless being to interpret the Scriptures. It is time we remove socio-cultural influences that clouds our interpretation of the Bible and relook it for The Truth God is trying to say to us.

Before we say, “Here I am. Send me.” — A reflection on Isaiah 1-6.

Most people do not know what they’ve signed up for when they’ve answered the call to “go, make disciples of all nations”. I believe it is essential for us to be culturally aware of the society we live in before we plunge into deep waters for the Lord. We need to know who our neighbours are. We also need to be assured of our salvation.

Rethinking our Christian Identity — The Ministry of Reconciliation

The Ministry of Reconciliation that God has entrusted to us is to tell the world of its rightful Owner and … More